Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Lord Hanuman or Balaji, as called in the villages of India, is devotee of lord Rama. I am posting this picture of his as my first photo-blog because we Indians believe that whatever new one starts, one should take the blessings from HIM. So here I am seeking blessings from Balaji, Sanodia waale Balaji (Sanodia's Balaji).

Sanodia is my ancestral village around 20 Kms off NH 8 near Dudu (Dudu is small town mid-way to Ajmer from Jaipur). Our family history says that my Grandfather was the ruler of this small village, I mean zagirdaar and Balaji's temple is our family's temple. People in the village knows my dad. He remembers his childhood days, playing in the pond next to the temple. Nobody knows me. But I make sure I visit this temple atleast once a year,because its the place where I belong to, here lies my roots.

One should never forget ones Roots and should take out some time from the very hectic, pas-paced life to be in touch with it....

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Which is Better?

I received a mail, a forwarded one, it really made me thinking….that’s why wants to share it with you all…

Dad used to give us Rs. 20/- per month, in that we were not only able to eat stomachs fill, but we were able to save too!!!

Now we earn a sum of 20K, we have no idea where it goes, let alone saving it!!

Which's better, the former or the latter???

6 subject in a year, 6 different teachers!!
One project since we joined and just one manager!!

Which's better, the former or the latter???

We used to make notes; we used to study for ranks!!
Now we scan thru our mails; we struggle for our ratings!!!

Which's better, the former or the latter???

We have still not forgotten the people in the next section!!!

Now we don't even know who sits in the next cubicle!!!

Which's better, the former or the latter???

After getting back from a tiring play, we used to do our homework!!
Now who knows/cares about home; all we do is just work!!!

Which's better, the former or the latter???

We knew our history and economics!!
Now let alone reading books, we don't even catch up with the daily news!!!

Which's better, the former or the latter???

We had an aim in life, behind our backs we had teachers!!

Now we have no idea about the future nor do we find any one who would tell us anything!!!

Which's better, the former or the latter???

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What an Irony...

Two of the few major showcases of India: Konkan Railway and Delhi Metro, the man behind both of them, E. Sreesharan.
The Centre does not think the 77-year-old internationally renowned technocrat merits special consideration and has made him run from pillar to post to reclaim illegal deduction of Rs 4,000 per month from his salary as Chairman of the Konkan Railway from where he retired in 1997 to head Delhi Metro.
Poor guy, after workign so hard and honestly, what he is getting!!!
After retiring from the Indian railways in 1990, Sreedharan joined Konkan Railway on a pay scale of Rs 9,000-10,000 for a period of five years.
Without his permission, Konkan Railway deducted Rs 4,000 from his salary contending that it was a re-employment under the central government and he could not draw pension and salary from two government departments at the same time. This went on for five years till he retired.
His salary was less than half of Kpnkan rail executives and he was workign as CEO of a public sector enterprise.
In December 2008, a Bench termed Sreedharan’s appointment to Konkan as a fresh appointment and asked the Centre to pay Sreedharan the amount of approximately Rs 10 lakh and a cost of Rs 30,000.
(Please read the whole story: http://www.hindustantimes.com/StoryPage/StoryPage.aspx?id=0cefdc09-6f7a-4276-a10f-109edacd6b91)


On the other hand, I think every 5th Indian knows Mr Nandan Nilekani, 54, who helped build India’s second largest software exporting firm, Infosys Technologies and almost all of them is aware of the fact that he has been appointed chairperson of the Unique Identification Authority of India, a Rs 1,990-crore national project. to build India’s database of her billion-plus people and he will join the government with a cabinet minister rank, with a salary of Rs 81 lakh, minus perks.
(Please read the whole story: http://www.hindustantimes.com/StoryPage/StoryPage.aspx?id=4bc1b4f1-a5c7-42b7-9ee6-dc2e78eb59b3)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I did WRONG!!!

It seemed a long day at office..pata nahin kam nahin ho paa raha tha. Actually, I am currently up-skilling myself to new technology, so busy with it. Ayways as I was unbale to concentrate in office I asked Nishant to leave early with an idea to reach home and study a bit but the issue was that I had a meeting with Andrea, my manager who sits in Waldorf and my rest of the team at 6:30 in the evening. But we have flexibility to attend it from anywhere, thanks to Telecom revolution. So I reached home early and did my work for sometime.

I had to go to pick Anjali after my meeting. I was driving to Global Business Park listening to same songs on every FM, seriously many a times I like listening to AIR (All India Radio) as they play quite a variety of songs otherwise all new FM's play same 10-12 songs from recent movies. No wonder even bad songs becomes a hit one like Tha kar ke, tha tha kar ke!!

My habit is to give Anjali a miss call roughly 5 minutes before reaching her office. Coz of the habit I picked up my mobile and give her a miss call while approaching a traffic signal. I was driving at less than 30 Kmph as I was aware that there is a traffic light and I have to stop in my lane. I stopped and was waiting for the traffic lights to turn green after 45 seconds and suddenly I heard a knock on passenger's side window. A man in a dark blue jacket asked me to lower down the window, I asked him the reason by my hand gesture. He showed me the walkie-talkie and his uniform as a proof of being a traffic policeman. I lowed down the window and he told me in typical hrayanwi accent that I had made an offense of talking on mobile while driving and had to pay fine for it. The red light turned green and he asked to park my car on the side. I did as asked and he asked my driving license and registration papers. As I don't carry original registration papers in my car, he said a photocopy will do along with driving license. I knew back of my mind that once I handed my license to him I will not get it back until I pay my fine, which he told was of Rs 1000 and n top of it I have to go to court to pay the fine and get my license back. Going to Magistrate's office and paying the fine was ok in terms of time but Rs. 1000, was a bit too much. He said you can go there (magistrate's office) and explain your situation and if its your day then he might waive off your fine, he said it when I tried explaining him that I was not talking to anybody it was just a miss call, but I accept I was at wrong. I broke the law of using mobile while driving. I know every second person, or probably every single Indain does it at-least one time in a day, but वोह कहते है ना की चोरी बहौत लोग करते है लेकिन जो पकड़ा जाता है वोह ही चोर कहलाता है!!!

So he was telling me the problems I can face now as I have broken a law, so finally I thought that it's ok I broke a law so I have to pay and finally I handed over my license to him and asked him to give me the receipt. Now his tined changed, I think he was not expecting that coming, he might bethinking that I will ask him to sort out this issue at his end rather than booking me with the fine and at the same time I was thinking how much cash I have in my pocket in case I ask him to close the chapter there and then. I remembered that I was having only Rs 65 in my pocket so there is no point offering such a mere amount as he will not agree to it. PATHETIC CHANAKYA...I know guys, even I cant think myself doing such a thing. Finally he broke the ice and asked me to pay him something and let it go and I said, look I just have Rs 50 in my pocket, if you want you can take it and let me go and he immediately grabbed it as if I have offered him cadbury eclairs on my birthday in classroom...and as a return gift he gave me my license back and gone...

I started my engine and back on the way to pick Anjali. I increased the volume of my radio and I was driving fast as if I am running from something. On second thought I was seriously trying to run away from something I dont know what!!...I was running...I dont know what I was feeling that time...was I angry on him, or was I angry on myself, was I feeling bad about his situation of accepting mere Rs 50 and being happy about it or was I feeling guilty or angry of breaking a law and doing a crime of bribing somebody...I really dont know what was going in my head that time but I was upset. I havent been upset that kind in a long time...I dont remember when I was so much upset!!!

I reached and parked my car and waited for her to come in Tower D's porch. She came with a usual smile on her face and I was awarded with a kiss for reaching on time, I didnt tell er her anything that time but she might have sensed that there was something wrong with me. I asked her about her day and we drove back to our place.

Guys, I was ready to pay a Rs 1000 fine but only because I thought I didnt had much cash to offer him but when he agreed for Rs 50 I bribed him and drove off. I did wrong and I am really ashamed of myself but I want your honest answer, what you would have done in a similar situation.

Please reply!!!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

31st December 2008...

12:30 PM
The year passed by like any other, by my life has definitely changed.

31st December 2007 I was enjoying my day with Charu and Anjali in London planning for the evening...there was only one plan, to go to the river and watch Europe's best 10 minute fireworks on the stuck of mid-night at Big-Ben with famous London Eye as the background. It’s a must watch event at-least once in ones lifetime. It's amazing to see how Rs. 10.5 crore can be burnt in 10 minutes (London spend ₤1.3 million on 1st Jan 2008 on fireworks). Anyways this year I will watch it again but on youtube.

Year started with preparations for the SAP PI certification, which I cleared in the first week of Jan then came the tough decision of coming back to India for good, used to wonder whether the decision is gonna be good or not…finally decided when Vishal visited and we were having pints of Foster’s and Stella, with bowl of chips at Metropolitan Bar on Baker Street outside station, along with Rajoo, I mean Rajat. Vishal was my first and last room-mate in London we lived together for more than a year while studying at University of Westminster. He was there to do his Master in International Business, an apna type banda with clear intentions and plans for his life, very clear in his thoughts and down to earth…but hum dono ki ek boori aadat hai, whenever we are enjoying I mean having daaroo toh jo nahin le raha hai usko phone karke jalaatee zaroor hai…Waise I started this tradition after he left London and still continuing with it as he called me yesterday night after having some beer, while I was spending a quite evening watching Pirates of Caribbean (Death Man’s Chest). I met him first time on Heathrow, where I received him after talking to him once before leaving from India. Aarti introduced us, thanks a lot Aarti for such a good friend, whom I cudn’t have met otherwise. He got married to his LOVE in March, both of them were very happy on that day and living happily there after.

So I finally made up my mind to relocate to SWADES. I was ok but bit concerned about future but family was very happy, at-least I will be close to them. To be very frank, this was an emotional decision. Whatever it was but now I am happy with the situation. Initially didn’t apply anywhere as my sister also decided to come back and took decision to spend her remaining life with Dhananjay. She was got married on 20th April at Indore, was very happy and sad too…never thought that she will leave us sooo early. I mean it all happened to quickly that didn’t get time to even think. But the good thing is that she is very happy at her new home and enjoying every luxury of life with all the love any girl would expect from new family. GOD BLES!!
I thought of finishing this one on 31st itself but cudn't and now it's 2nd of Jan 2009...sitting in office, not the right time and place to put thoughts on net but I have to finish it before I can start new things in new year.

So Charu started her new life and now its my turn to start my new one in India. I started it by placing my CV on Monster inda and naukri, I think these are the two sites which all the agencies look to get new ppl. After almost one month got offer from Accenture. they gave me joining for the 16th of July 2008 at Gurgaonb location. I was fortunate enough to get the project before joining and on day one had to go to client's office. There I met Atul and Shailender as my first team mates in India, I remembered Mukid, Shirley and Raj. My rest of the team was in Germany that time, met them after couple of weeks and got along with them very well.
Took a new flat at PWO housing complex on rent and started altogather a new life. never bought any house hold stuff until now as it was all provioded my landlords in London. First purchase was a refrigerator along with mattress followed by few utensils and washing machine, then came the bean bags and papasen chair which I talked about in my first blog. In 3 months time we had almost all the stuff which one really need to survive these days along few luxury items which makes your life jing-ga la-la like Tata-Sky and home theatre. Doing pretty good I think. Areee I forgot to mention, on Diwali we bought our first car, saadi Maruti Alto, grey in colour. I think even a car is a necessity these days and specially in Gurgaon. Shikha didi, daughter of one of our family freinds, helped a lot to get settled in the new place. She even gave one of her car's until we got ours. I really appriciate her generosity as we (didi and I, but our parents were in touch all these years) were not in touch for I dont remember how long., I think after she married to Sanjay J and moved from Udaipur. Thanks a lot Shikha di and Sanjay J.
In my team at Accenture, I have a friend Nishant Bansal, really a nice chap. I am very close to him, I can say he is my first very good friend after returning to India. He is from GOD's city of Haridwar. He is married to Abha, who is equally good and all four of us get along very well.
In November we moved to another place, Today's Blossom's II, it is bigger with more facilites and less in rental value. Actually Nishant suggested us this new place and we both are putting up in the same society. We are quite happy in our new flat and welcomed 2009 on it's terrace along with few of our freinds.
Life is so far very good and have no regrets on the decision of moving back to India...seriously I am Loving it!!! But this time and for the first time in my life I have a resolution.
I hope 2009 is as good and as prosporous as 2008....WISH YOU ALL A VERY HAPPY & PROSPOROUS NEW YEAR.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


It was last week when we got a mail from our manager stating that we have received this quarter's team budget. As soon as we get this mail like every time a buzz of deciding what to do with the funds flows in the team...thats the only point of discussion until we decide on something, like last time we got a useless trolly-laptop bag and we went for a team lunch at Barbeque Nation. This time somebody wants to got for 3 lunches (at decent restaurants and that too Indian), I don't understand why people don't want to experiment with new cuisines/places. Anyways back to the options some what voucher to spend on their own but thats not possible as the whole purpose of the budget is to developing team bonding and it has to be spend in some team building activity....which is nothing but only going out for team lunch....pathetic. team building activity, people are not ready to stay back in the evening as they have to reach home, people cant come on Saturdays as they have other plans and we cant go out of office of this thing for a longer period of time as client wont be very happy about it...so what to do???
Three weeks back I read a blog from PN, who is involved with some NGO in Singapore. That inspired me to devote my free time for some social cause. I think thats one of the ways we cant give back something to the society. I was associated with SPARK (Some People Are Really Keen) in my collage days...I will talk about SPARK some other day. But I thought of getting involved with some kind of activity other then my daily routine life. While looking for some NGO, I found WCHSH - WELFARE CENTRE FOR HEARING AND SPEECH HANDICAPPED.
Today I thought of going to their establishment and meet the director, Mr M C Jain. I called their office in the morning and took an appointment to meet him. He is a very soft spoken man in his fifties, associated with the NGO for last 27 years now. WCHSH is situated in Sector 15 of Gurgaon (very near to 32nd Milestone), with a campus of 15 acres. They are primarily involved in providing education/vocational training to people who are hearing and speech handicapped. They have a staff of 35 people providing services to around 200 children from 5 to 18 years of age, out of which 100 are day scholars and 100 are hostelers.
While discussing their activities and how I can get involved with them I realised that instead of spending money in 2-3 team lunches or going of bowling/ go-carting we can spend a part of the funds available to us for a good cause. I know there must be some people in the team who definitely will be doing their part of social duties but as Team as well we can contribute something. Mr Jain gave me his ideas how we can make some difference to children's lives. We can either get some stuff for them or organise a breakfast/lunch for them. We can also support them in terms of improving their infrastructure and so on. Every team in our organisation gets their quarterly budget which they spend in useless activities / buying. Lets from this quarter onwards use the funds for some good cause as well.
I will initiate this proposal to the team lets see kya result aata hai. I will keep all of you posted about this...lets see how highly educated and high earning Indian youth working in an MNC takes my proposal!!!! I think WE CAN make a difference by contributing something from our side but DO WE do it??

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Fire Drill....

It was 3:30 on Wednesday afternoon when Peterson was playing a steady innings in 5th ODI against India at Cuttack, I was following ball by ball score on cricinfo.com suddenly there was some disturbance on speakers above my desk. We were sure it is about the fire drill, which everyone was aware of since morning. People had already made plans, what they are gonna do during that time...some were palnning for long tea/coffee break and most had plans to have early EOD from office. But unfortunately that was just the speaker check...the first failure of the drill. Later in 10 minutes we had proper announcement and siren announcing the evecuation of the office. The lady on the speaker was trying to sound like it was a panic situation, and she managed very well....she asked everyone just to leave the desks as it is and leave the office premises though staircase. As everyone was aware of the drill, they were pretty replaxed and were not at all understanding the criticalness of the situation/drill. They were logging of the system, picking up tiffin boxes from the desk, dropping mail to the manager or client, packing their bags and picking up helmets so that they can leave for their other plans. Jas and I stepped got up from our desks and asked other team members to do the same but some of them were busy...sorry to see that. We left our bay immediately and to our surprise people were still on their mobile phone with GOD knows who rather than taking part in the drill. At our reception I saw people chatting and making fun of the drill instead of taking the stairs to the assembly point. I suddently realised that nobodywas aware of the assembly point...there is no asembly point mentioned either in the office or in the building campus.
Anyways we took the stairs and reached out of the building where there was a wooden stage set for the fire drill officer from bangalore to make announcement. He was in a shock seeing well educated people from Accenture..non less than MBA's or Post graduates or Engg. graduates taking this drill as a joke or a way to have an extra break in the day. There was no head count taken, people waiting for their friends to come out and hanging outside like they do during the lunch time. Later on I cmae to know that some ppl even took lifts to go down from 1st floor of the office. There were ppl who left for the day well before the drill started....
Seriously even I was surprised seeing whatever happened and ppl taking it so casually. Even I might have been in the same boat if i had not attended fire drill's during my stay in London, where it is a complusion to have a fire drill in every building once in 6 months.
One thing I didn't undestand why the senious management of the office like the AMs and above were aware of this drill. Drill should be a real drill where people should think that there is a fire somewhere on the floor and they have to act on it. While talking to Nishant on the way back to home, he mentioned that if we have a drill where ppl are not aware of it then there might be a panic situation and there might be some casuality. But I think thats what the drill is all about, where ppl should think that there is a real panic situation and the way they react in it and later tell them the mistakes they made during the situation and the consequences they can face if they act the same way in real time....I am not sure whether I am right...but one is sure that people havn't learned anything from yesterday's FIRE DRILL session at the office....